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Raindrop Therapy, Essential Alchemy, & Affirmative Prayer

About Quadira

Quadira loves to work with women to create increased energy & vitality, to release tension and stress, gain healthy eating habits, to reach their ideal weight permanently, to create better body awareness and nurturing, and learn how to bring more laughter and connection to their lives.

Modern technology connects us all across the globe, yet we are often so personally isolated and disconnected from nature that we are losing touch with a vital part of ourselves.  

Quadira guides women on a nourishing cleanse, teaches them about using food as medicine, assists them in breaking life-long patterns of overeating, co-designs a lifetime plan for eating, movement, laughter, joy, playfulness, and spiritual fulfillment, and empowers women to reconnect with nature, with their bodies, and with their passion.

Quadira is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Aromatherapist, a Play Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader, Master Chef, Nutrition Consultant, and self-proclaimed Sybarite who believes in pampering as a way of life!

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