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Raindrop Therapy, Essential Alchemy, & Affirmative Prayer



Please note: Package rates are available for any and all of these services. You can purchase several sessions of one therapy, or we can design a custom package that includes several or all of these services. New Clients: Buy 4, get the 5th session FREE!

Raindrop Therapy Technique® is a simple method of dropping nine different pure Essential Oils like little drops of rain from a height of about six inches above the body, hence the name Raindrop Therapy. The treatment takes about one hour and includes a special massage oil blend used in European hospitals to help provide relief from muscle cramps, arthritic pain, and sports injuries. A hot, moist pad is also applied to the back, assisting in the penetration of the oils and allowing one a deep sense of peace and relaxation. The oils will continue to work in the body for about 5 to 7 days after the treatment with continued realignment taking place. New addition: I now offer Raindrop Therapy Sound Immersion©, adding crystal bowls, toning, and chimes for a total scent and sound experience. My clients love it! Come try it yourself! 

Essential Alchemy is the synthesis of Essential Oils with Alchemical Hypnotherapy. Quadira's mind-body-spirit practice includes: Rescuing the Magical child from the trauma, neglect, and emotional pain of the past; Providing the Inner Child with new, loving, Inner parents who will always be available for nurturing; Strategies for contacting, testing, and working with Inner Resources through trance, movement, and Shamanic practices; Contacting past-life memories to access creative abilities, resolve trauma, change karma, and alter contracts with significant others; and Integration of sub-personalities (inner voices) to resolve conflicting desires and goals. 

I utilize Trance Movement, Psycho-drama, Emotional Clearing, Touch, Breathing, Color, Sound, Somatic Healing, and Aromatherapy to achieve integration and transformation at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. I also encourage my clients to develop healthy eating habits, to practice Alchemy on a daily basis, and to engage in fun physical activity. The sessions last between 90 and 110 minutes.

Healing Prayer, or Spiritual Mind Treatment, is a five-step process of prayer as developed by Earnest Holmes, founder of Religious Science, also known as Science of Mind. It is called a “mind treatment” because we can use this technique to treat or heal our minds from negative thinking and beliefs and to create positive change. Healing Prayer is a powerful tool for calming the mind chatter by claiming that we already have what we desire, and bringing us back to center. Our minds are amazingly powerful, beyond what most of us realize, and we can harness our minds and our body's natural wisdom to create healing within. Sessions can be done in person or via telephone or video conference.

Stop Smoking Now! Permanent Smoking Cessation Using Hypnotherapy. Read more on this page.

I also offer a 12-Week Health Challenge; you can read the details here. Dates are flexible.

Essential Alchemy$251.00 / each
Healing Prayer$ 71.00 / 30 minutes
Raindrop Technique$125.00 / each
Raindrop Therapy Sound Immersion$135.00 / each
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