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Stop Smoking Now!

Permanent Smoking Cessation Using Hypnotherapy    
Benefits include:

• Clear the underlying emotional causes of addiction
• Gain new, healthier ways to fill emotional voids
• Reduced cravings
• Increased longevity
• Ease of breathing
• Improved energy and vitality
• Reduced risk of cancer and heart failure
• Clear and healthy skin

Are you tired of being isolated and rejected because you smoke? Do you want to improve your health, increase your longevity, be closer to your loved ones, and enjoy a healthier, more vigorous lifestyle?

Cigarette smoking causes chronic coughing, wrinkled grey skin, chronic tiredness, and loss of sexual desire and potency. Smokers show much higher rates of many kinds of cancer, as well as increased risk of heart disease, strokes, emphysema, asthma, kidney failure, osteoporosis, diabetes, and a host of other conditions. Smoking can also cause one’s teeth to fall out, and leaves remaining teeth very yellow and unattractive.

Luminous Vitality offers a permanent smoking cessation program using hypnotherapy and aromatherapy combined with juicing, fresh pure water, fun physical activity, healthy eating, and wellness coaching. I have had 100% success rate so far, including getting people off of marijuana.

Call now for your free consultation! Stop Smoking Now! program includes two hypnotherapy sessions, a CD to reinforce the program, and 4 free booster phone sessions over the next 12 months, for only $500.00! Bring a friend, and you each pay only $425.00. That’s a savings of 15% each!

Stop Smoking Plus program includes a healthy eating program and wellness coaching; ask for details.

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